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Lohan Hirtz
Artiste musicien
Guitariste chanteur
auteur compositeur
arrangeur de musique
Cadre en reconstruction
Septembre 2017-mars 2018 Projet "Le Cercle des Classicales" : art lyrique ; musiques ancienne & classique.
Mars 2018-mars 2020 : "Les Classicales" : bureau de placement d'artistes en concert & relations publiques. Management & présentation de productions.

Lohan Hirtz : + 33-0-971 209 606
Illustration : "La Main et la Rose", oeuvre photographique de © Marja Davidoff.
La Rose et la Main
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Camille Quinton
Justine Ehrensperger
Manon Burel
Bastien Ferraris
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After their award at the International Illzach Chamber Music Competition in 2015
and the one received at the Orpheus Swiss Chamber Music Competition in 2016,
a new page has been turned, changing the path of the Pelleas Quartet.
In the matter of a few months, they found themselves performing at numerous festivals in France as well as in Switzerland
(The "Européennes" of Chamber Music , The Flutinades, The Swiss Chamber Music Festival Adelboden, The Intermezzo Festival,… )
always with the same dedire to propose original works in the sensitive performances.
New horizons emerging before the Quartet Pelleas in the continuity of its awards
by participating in prestigious international competitions.
  In parallel of its activities of concert, the Quatuor Pelleas
also meets the young audience.
On the occasion of
  educational tours in
different school of the
Canton of Geneva [Swiss],
it reviews funnily an poetry,
the classical music history.
since 1600 until today.
pelleas 018 B

Laureate of the Orpheus Swiss
Chamber Music Competition
Award Jean-François Chaponnière
(Best Wind Ensemble of the Geneva's HEM)
Third Prize of Nineteenth
International Competition of
Chamber music in Illzach [France].

First Prize & First
Public Award

91st  at the
International Compétition
Leopold Bellan
First Prize of the
Seventeenth International

Friedrich Kuhlau
First Prize with the

of the Jury at the eighth
International Competition

of Chamber Music
for flûtes in Nice
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The four young talents of the Pelleas Quartet met at the Geneva 'Haute Ecole' of Music.
It was under the watchful eye of Michel Bellavance and
Jacques Zoon that they began to substantially improve and
also greatly discover the pleasure of playing together.
They receive precious advises from Antoine Marguier,
their chamber music teacher and coach
for the competitions and scenic performances.
A passionate and ambitious music project
would later result of their friendship.
Together, they explored
the unknown repertoire for
flute quartet in the hopes
of popularising classical music and promoting this
untypical formation.
surprising, pleasant and
easily accessible,
the Pelleas Quartet traverse music,
from baroque to contemporary,
from classical aesthetics to jazz.
Their colourful performance will carry you
into a world that explores dreams and reality !
Madam, sir, you wish to receive the Quatuor PELLEAS  ? :
Thank you very much !

Booking , budget, contracts & autorisations, technical informations, public relation :
Lohan HIRTZ +33 -0-4 66 52 70 93
agent artistic agent for Agency
Le CERCLE des CLASSICALES, appointed by the Quatuor PELLEAS
=The Quatuor PELLEAS=
Camille QUINTON : +33 -0-6 45 49 01 62
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